About Science Centre

Science Centre Singapore is dedicated to the promotion of science and technology. As a leading Science Centre in the region, it has twelve exhibition galleries with more than 1,000 interactive exhibits.

Science Centre Singapore is moving towards actively promoting STEM education through several STEM-related initiatives. These include workshops, lesson materials and exhibits.

In collaborating with Singapore Science Centre, we aim to:

  • Ignite students’ passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) so as to inspire them to take up STEM-related courses.
  • Raise students’ aspirations in pursuing STEM careers by exposing them the real-world industries.
  • Uplift professional STEM career images.

We achieve these objectives through our STEM Applied Learning Programmes (ALP) and the STEM Industrial
Partnership Programmes (IPP).

Flashback: STEM trainings in schools

About Marshall Cavendish Education

Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) is a global educational publisher providing resources for the teaching and learning of Mathematics, Science, English and Chinese. We specialise in curriculum development and integration and have developed textbooks for places such as the US, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Marshall Cavendish Education Hong Kong

Marshall Cavendish Education Hong Kong (MCEHK) strives to develop textbooks and supplementary materials that are up-to-date and of high qualities. Together with our top-notch quality services, we aim to facilitate learners to expand their knowledge and skills.

To meet the challenges of the evolving educational landscape and respond to schools’ growing needs, we work to develop textbooks and supplementary materials that align closely with the local curricula. Our resources cater for the needs of teachers and learners. In recent years, we have been keen to explore the China and Southeast Asian markets, hoping to contribute to educating the next generation in Asia.


“Enriching life through knowledge”

“Moving beyond classrooms
Meeting real-world challenges”